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  • Image #292
    From Common Cause, Funeral 13 October 1954 disaster

  • Image #2289
    Scottville school's ICT Training 2006

  • Image #4608
    Collinsville Old Buildings

  • Image #422
    Union strike 2005

  • Image #11148
    Over 50's Group

  • Image #1261
    Aerial view Collinsville

  • Image #4419
    Coalface Experience

  • Image #9608
    May Day 2007 cfmeu march

  • Image #1856
    High School Ball 2005

  • Image #6680
    Ted Morran Bridge

  • Image #945
    Moongunya News 1984

  • Image #8256
    William Bruce McGowan and daughter Leona Vassalini

  • Image #1366
    State Mine aerial view - Photo courtesy of Xstrata

  • Image #12097
    Nursing staff

  • Image #3303
    Strathmore station muster cattle

  • Image #9561
    May Day 2007

  • Image #6131
    Collinsville Hospital New Pool 1983

  • Image #7831
    Collinsville State High School, Football, 1993. Tropical School Photographics.

  • Image #10905

  • Image #1769
    Collinsville State Teaching Staff 1977

  • Image #8651
    1980 Olympus Magazine, Collinsville State High School Boys 15yrs Athletics 400m

  • Image #10539

  • Image #8580
    Olympus Magazine, Collinsville Primary Athletics 1978

  • Image #8478
    Easter Eggttavaganza 2005

  • Image #9527
    May Day

  • Image #8928
    2006 Shave for a Cure

  • Image #7379
    Lions Santa in the Park 2004

  • Image #2550
    Mining Surface Machinery Xstrata

  • Image #4177
    Underground Sites No 1 bccm

  • Image #7045
    Meals on Wheels 30th Anniversary

  • Image #9431
    Early May Day

  • Image #4272
    Mining Underground Sites

  • Image #8449
    CYC Disco - Valentines 2006

  • Image #8561
    Extreme Games Trip 2002

  • Image #4191
    Underground Sites No 1 Workshop

  • Image #7183
    Lions Club House

  • Image #582
    Power house

  • Image #7450
    1985 Collinsville State High School

  • Image #10413
    CCT staff

  • Image #505
    John Currie union leaders

  • Image #541
    Union Leaders

  • Image #7530
    Collinsville State High School, Year 12, 1986

  • Image #1522
    State Mine aerial view - Photo courtesy of Xstrata

  • Image #9613
    May Day 2007 cfmeu march

  • Image #1459
    Draglines surface machinery

  • Image #2435
    State Mine Scottville Early Machinery

  • Image #5146
    Civic Centre Site 1948

  • Image #3555
    Surface Sites Chimney

  • Image #3573
    Surface Sites Early Building Miners Homestead

  • Image #11542

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: front row, next to Sandra Richards is Leanne Cowan, Teresa Poli then next to Margaret Tudehope is Heather Dougan

Debbie Hillier: Carl Groocock not Drinkwater.

Greg Hansen: Just looking at the photo of j.r.l team that won in 1972.I think I am no 10 the Morris boys lived at the back of us.

Chris Howarth: Grey (or Gray) and Christine Allan

: Noreen Hinds

: names ???

: Left think is Principal Martin ???

: ? Principal ???? Martin ?

: names anyone? Know faces but names elude


Pam Mann: May Watson - back row third from left.

John Hammond: It sure is

John Hammond: This is definitely John Hammond and Pat Holcombe

: names for these anyone?

: 10862 has 2 ladies dressed same and it says netball.

Leola Janz: After Alex Wyper is Russell Claus then Laurier Honnery and at the end is Robbie Johnson

Leola janz: Between Walter Bulloch and Jimmy Janz is Roy Janz

Debbie Hillier: 1972. The first JRL team to win the NQ Premiership. Coached by Allan Williams.

JP: Is this a netball or cricko team?

Joan Echevarria: Maree Brunker ker has helped me with these. 6 Nicholas sverdloff, 13 one of the Morris boys, 15 Peter brunker, 12 Evan Morris bottom right I think is Norman Earl, E chy is not in it, Maree thinks David Pass is one and ,10 is Shayne walker.

Julie: Mark Sverdloff ?, Gary Corbett, Stephen Brunker, Peter Brunker, unsure, Rikki Batchelor, Wesley Morris. Bottom row- Michael Nash?, one of the poole boys?, unsure, Evan Morris, Shane walker?, Shane Brunker?, Norman Earl.

Karen: Standing Nick sverdloff, Gary corbett,seven Brunker, Peter Brunker , Chris Atkins,Ricky Batchelor and Wesley Morris Sitting Michael Nash, warren whitton, Phillip gee, Evan Morris , Shane walker , Shane Brunker and Norman earl

kerry brunker: #6 Nicky Sverdloff #11 Garry Corbett #8 Stephen Brunker #15 Peter Brunker #3 ....Moore #1 Ricki Batchelor #13 Wesley Morris #7 Micheal Nash #12 Warren Whitton #9 Phillip Gee #2 Evan Morris #10 Shane Walker #5 Shane Brunker #11 Norman Earl

Sandra Janssen: Sr Rose far Right front row is Therese Janssen and next to her is Catherine Sims

Julie widt: The last three women at the top are Kim Davis,Laurel Phillips,and Jenny Cowan.

Julie widt: The end girl is Jazmin Malcolm

K Downs: The girl in the picture is Jade Downs. Age 5yrs

K Downs: The girl in the picture is Zoe Downs. Age 3yrs

John Stewart: Evan Morris 2

JP: Thanks Martin, will be good to have a full list of names. Pleased you are enjoying the site.

Martin Kingston: Wow - what a walk down memory lane. I am the boy 3 in from the left, back row. I actually have the full class list and the original photo at home. I will fill in the blanks when I dig it up.

Lorraine McCarthy (nee Thorne): I have a note that the person between myself and Bev Millar is Valda Brown - does that ring a bell with anyone? Also that the one in the back row, far left next to Lennie Jones is Brian Mackie.

: Tamie Buchanan (Whaturia)

: Wayne Hinds,Ernie Smyth,Stephen Echevarria

: Army Man- Patrick Widt Captain Hook- Bailey Widt

Brett Rogers: Townsville Daily Bulletin, 20th March 1933. "Smith-McPherson. In loving memory of our dear nephew, Angus Alexandra, who lost his life in Mt Coolon dam, March 20 1932. This is the day of remembrance, Sad and bitter to us all. When the one we loved was taken, By a short and sudden call. (Inserted by Madge, Jack and Grace Forsythe)."

Brett Rogers: Angus Alexander Smith McPherson Born: 1918 Died: 20 Mar 1932 At: Drowned Mt. Coolon dam Age: 14 Buried: Collinsville

greg anderson: that was len jones in the back ground in white shorts as that was me greg anderson sitting back there next to him

Chris Howarth: unknown is George Ballard, manager of Transfield Services at Collinsville Power Station

: Looks like Alan Widt in dark short

Brett Rogers: This is a picture of my mother (Betty Rogers nee Nutt), with her sister, my Aunty Frances West , and her parents Horace ROY Nutt and Clarice Toot Nutt of Collinsville. I am unsure of the occasion in this photo. Sadly we lost mum ( Betty) this year 2015 after a long illness.

: Heidi Stirling at back

JP: photo has been flipped

JP: photo has been flipped

kevin walter callaghan: History in the making only good for scrap steel

kevin walter callaghan: Walter callaghan would be proud to know that he was remenberfor looking after his team of pit pony i think all total there was over cast40 pit pony some of them was over cast14 hand high Walter bath & feed them seven days a week

: middle Anne Bushell R Kath Wong

guy jenkinson: My old class I was known as pommy,I was only there for grade 4 5 6 remember sandra tony heather colin billy sene very well .Guy (pommy)

Arianda Troutman: Hello, my mane is Arianda Toutman. My father was Jeffrey James Illguth, I have been trying for years to find out more anout my fathers side of the family to no avail. If there is anyone uut there that can help I can be contacted b at this email address please it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Rosemary Mortensen: I have an undamaged photo of this if you would like it. My father is Kevin Callaghan.

Yvonne Wanchap: The lady, unknown, beside Roberta Drinkwater is Susan Mason.

Sandra Janssen: The 3rd unknown man is Peter Fell. The mens occupations were: Back row, Electrician, ?, Miner,Fitter, Miner, Miner, Miner Front Row: Miner, Deputy, Miner

Pam Gough: This is a photo of my Mum, Aunty Maud and Uncle Butch.It looks like the Bowen River Race Track on the 3 day Bowen River Race Meeting.The family catered for this with Aunty Mal doing so much of the preparation and cooking.Please correct me if I have the site wrong,Pam.

Michael McHugh: It certainly is Margaret, Pat and Beryl Holcombe. I was at school with them in the 1940s. I last heard of Beryl about 20 years ago when she was living in the Maitland area in NSW. I would love to contact her. Her old phone number is disconnected.

Michael McHugh: I was at St John Bosco from 1943-1948. Nellie Duncan was my great competitor in exams at school. I have often wondered what happened to her. I wonder if Nellie Atto is the same person with whom I was at school. I would love to contact her.

: 981. Photo was taken in 2004. Xstrata funded cleanup of No1 mine site at Scottville.

: Installing the boilers at BCCM


Dennis J Bailey: Man in helmet is Charles Digger Murphy

Julia Duncan: Good guess for me too!

: Patricia Cummins Judy Hawkins Sr. ?, Fr Lewis, Vi Scott, Sr.

beverley sedgman: I was delihted to find this photo. Thanks,as it bought back happy memories of my childhood.

Karen cumming: The "unknown" is Dawn Bilney

Margaret Finter (McFadzen): Pat Holcombe on left, and possibly Johnny Hammond on R

Margaret Finter (McFadzen): I think this is Margaret, Pat, Beryl Holcombe

Patrick Padden: The man next to Bob Brunker is Russ Hinze Qld. Minister for Local Government and Main Roads in 1983.

Margaret Finter (McFadzen): Richard Finter, aged 21 months

Bev Bevis nee Schrader:

Margaret Finter (McFadzen): I think the lady on the left is Ivy Sheppard, nee Ivy Jansen, first child enrolled at Scottville School. My aunt.

Kerry Allen / McFadzen: Jeanette dont think this Ian McFadzen he only born 1916

Russell Buckley: Collinsville looking back from about the "shit depot" corner across Pattels to the left, Golf Course to the right fore ground

Russell Buckley: No2 Scottvilee mine circa 1969

Russell Buckley: BE1300 dragline erection site 1982/83 Fred Timbrell was the CCP representative

Russell Buckley: Terry Wiliamson provided his ford Customlune for the journey which is the 3rd car in the line

Russell Buckley: looks like the stairs down into the evaporation pond at the TSate mine power house

Russell Buckley: High school left mid gorund

P.Padden : I found a photo in T.Price`s book with R Stream in !960.I think it stands for Rodney & that Murry was a nick name,sorry about the mistake,Regards Paddy.

Russell Buckley: The concrete bridge across the creek between the State Mine Workshops and the Gantry, bridge is still ther but the creek has silted up

Liz Rogers: Front row 2ned from left is Angela Reitano (now Loan)

Liz Rogers: Left to right: unknown, Lauren Jaques, Krystal Hanlon, Fiona Winen, unknown, Karissa Brunker, Nicole Forest, Amanda Paroz, (leader Josie Paroz), unknown, Rachel Sawyer, Lauren Chatfeild, Liz Malcolm.

Jeanette: So sad for your loss Libby. No matter how many years have passed, you never get over losing someone you love. I’m sure you have lots of happy memories of your Mum.

Libby Rose: My mother was Carmel Perry who died in a tragic car accident in 1984 when I was only 12. Carmel was a great mum and forever in our hearts always... X

: Lady is Veronica Meechan man could be ? Sonoma Coal /QCoal


: clayton pollock

Michael Moores: Front Row(L>R) June Leacy, Gail Inches, Ntina Bournas, Cyndy Mossop, Gail Kirkwood, Graham Smith, Beatrice Coco, Vicky Payne, Sue Connor Middle (L>R) Starting from 3rd in:Valmae Cavolth, Marg Watson, Amanda Newton, Shirley Evans, Rhonda(?) Bushell. Last (L>R) Michael Moores, Tony Trickey, Peter Mallet, Steve Bobby, Dave Bosworth, Dave Guy, Peter Day

: front L Karon Widt, Pam Smith Mid row from L Ann Maree Whalen, Kym ?, ??, Leeanne Odd, Lyn Elliott, Karen Williams, Rhonda Smith. back row ??????

: Karissa Brunker 4th in brown in front row, no shirt 2nd R Kylie Murphy at back in blue Adult leader is Josie Prouse

: John Maitland on L Michael Brunker on R

: This is touch football Coach- Rags Mclean

: Denny with baby and Marlene on the right.

: Ernie Smyth, Barry Humphries (cousins)

: Allan and Denny Smyth (nee Brunker)

: Back L to R unknown, Genevieve Sharp, Jane ?, Bronwyn Renwick, Leanne Odd, Lynn Sharp Front L to R Tricia Smyth, Amy Sharp


: Karen Mutch and Don Malcolmn

: Jacki Reygersberg on R front

: L-R back Frances Wregg Joyce Buckley unsure of front ones

: sides of bridge or walkway looks same design as one in 11555 photo but that one has no steps visible. Looks like a mine view behind

: Kevin Jones at a guess

: Kevin Jones (Croky)

: Kevin Jones on drum

: Footy field many years ago Note the goal posts at middle R end

: 6019. Is it matron Symonds or Desley Scott

Nelva Skellern: Ladies in photo are Norma Rose & MELVA sKELLERN ( PARKINSON)

: 6141. Maternity was also operating theatre

: Club emblem designed by Shane O"Connor.

Jeanette: Does anyone know where this was?

Jeanette: Can someone ask Kevin where this photo was taken please. Was it out near the Scottville Mine?

Mavis McArdle: Between Dot Costigan an Mavis McArdle is Mike Webster

Julie Davis: Sister Rose is next to Judy Hawkins.

Julie Davis: The boy is definitely Paul Davis! :)

Julie Davis: Robert Davis(left)with his cousin Stephen Davis - son of Vincent and Jean Davis (early 1960''s).

Gaye Maltby: Yes it is Mary Allan

Judy Cameron = nee Logan: This was taken in 1979

Nel Goodwin: This was Jack & Joan''s Searle 50th Wedding anniversary in 2004.

Mike Kaczmarowski: Correct spelling of "Wharrior" is "Wharrier".

Mike Kaczmarowski: "Wharrior" should be spelled "Wharrier"

: Lion Keith Hiron on L, Lion Peter Fallon cooking

: Guide Leader in blue is Frances Wregg, girl facing camera is Karissa brunker

liz mildon: wow!! had just been looking on this site and asking for memories since 1977, then just saw this photo and the name Janine Hoffman who if the same person was a friend in my few years at Collinsville !!

Julie Payne: In front is Denise Kent

: Terry Wilkinson

: r end may be Kylie Murphy

elizabeth best: Thank u lainey for telling me about this site_it is allways lovely to govhome to collinsville to catch up with family and friends_cheers_liz best.

margaret barraclough nee williams: The person between Marion Brown and Maren Groocock is Maureen Doig.

Elizabeth burton: the children names are left to right Elizabeth Burton, Elizabeth Malcolm, Robbie Malcolm and Lynette Burton

: 3560. Mt Coolon

: meant Wally Dickson

: Kate Dickson Rally Dickson

: Norrien Hinds on R Robyn O''Regan 4th from L

: Father Lewis ??, ??

: Collinsville State School

: Peter Fallon with Microphone ?Andrea Farraher, ??, Elaine Batchelor and Graham Smith in background

: Peter Stirling on R

: ? Terry Wilkin ???son and Harry Watts in back

Russell Buckley: Two gents with the Jeffrey Colmol in botton photo at the back Terry Williamson and suspect Cec Torkington in the front, Cec wore yellow helmet as I recall, Richie wore a white or black helmet, magnification would help to be sure

Russell Buckley: Should also mention the trifecta that day when U18,U20 and Senior all won

Russell Buckley: Tom OConnor should be Bob O''Connor

Russell Buckley: Doesn''t look like a Scottville photo, clothing looks more like colder climate clothing more like England

Russell Buckley: this would have to been early 1960s, the Davy''s drive way diner, now Murph''s is not built, there are no houses on Red Hill so suggest a football match in 1962

Russell Buckley: No ! State Mine buildings circa 1968? gantry in right fore ground, store building behind that, what was referred to as the nwe bathroom by the old hands on the left of the store,, behind the bathroom was car parks which were a Daco addition, to the left of the car parks, the small brick building is the sub station switchroom commented on elsewhere, to the left of those was the workshops, in the right background is the Stae mine stables buildings

Russell Buckley: BE1300 dragline erection site 1982

Russell Buckley: looks like a reverse image if Scottville No 1

Russell Buckley: House built on resevoir hill Scottville by BCCM for Bert Collin

Russell Buckley: The plant that is already in place was a one module 140THP trial plant to see if the coal could be succesfully washed for export, this was originally instigated by Bert Collin

Russell Buckley: Comments weren''t meant for this photo, anybody ID the bloke with the rifle?

Russell Buckley: looks more like an old gold mine set up, note dry river bedd in the background

Russell Buckley: Suspect that the structure to the right of the tunnel mouth is the rail line that used to run from the Garrick mine that was on thebank of the creek near Ron Pattels. A tunnel used to run under the hill near where the Stae mine stables were to go across to the Garrick, in 1960 the tunnel near the stables was still ther and the Garrick Tunnel near Ron Pattels was still open, long since silted up

Russell Buckley: I think this photo has been reverse imaged, corner of the the building on the left looks like No 1 Mine store building and it was on the other side of No 1 Tunnel, The brick building being built to the left of the young lady was the switchroom for the No1 conveyor out of the mine and it was on the other side on the tunnel mouth. What is the chances of the lady being Val Carruthers, taken on the same day of the other photo she is in at No1 Tunnel Mouth

Russell Buckley: This building was the switchroom for the substation at No1 State Mine when TREB power was brought to Collinsville and the Mine power houses were shut down

Russell Buckley: The structure that starts left mid picture is the endless haulage running from State mine no 2 tunnel to No1 Mine gantry, Stae mine power house chimney in centre

Russell Buckley: Dacon No 3 Mine circa 1963, from left in the distance were the horse stables 30o tonne load out bin, office in the background, workshop on the right

Russell Buckley: Ray Atto on the right, gas drainage at No 2 Mine about 1980

Russell Buckley: Ray Atto on the right

Russell Buckley: House built on Red Hill by Dacon Collieries for George Sanderson, About 1963, George and family lived in No 5 Sonoma St between currently Brett Murphy and Geoff Torkington when they first arrived in Collinsville, subsequent owners were Kev and Barb Wilson and then Danny Firth

Russell Buckley: Davis dragline at BCCM original open cut, Tommy Padden was one of the drivers

Rhonda Hjortshoj: It is definitely Noel Hjortshoj.

Allison Redgen: Back L-R, Sandra Richards, K. Dent, Brian Bailey, Carl Costigan, Keith Gulliver, D.Cowan, B.Sene, C. Lancaster, Tony Pattel, Colin Jensen, Kathy Fordham, Janine Hoffman. Front L-R R. Edwards, A Boyle, Janette Saunderson? Jenny Lind, Lynette Anderson? Allison Hjortshoj, Sarah Whant, Leanne Cowan, Robyn Barry, Sharon Earl?

Allison Redgen: front 8th from left. Allison Hjortshoj ( married name Redgen)

: yes. Beazley Bombers coached by Robert McLean was touch footy team

: It was touch football not basketball.

: 3196. John Bryant''s vehicle

: 5746. Don''t think it is Reservoir Hill or Collinsville Views.

: 79. Walter Callaghan

Debbie hillier: Not Judy Wilkinson.

: The train and plane the Kindy children are sitting on were made and donated by Brian Kennedy grandfather of Daniel Woolley who is seated on front of plane with Michael Morrissey(footy jersey) at end L

: Ailsa Martin her daughters now are Annette Fisher, Carolyn Beuchamp Cheryl Rose. Cheryl is in Bowen nowadays.

: 4233. Barry Pujolas

: 103. Been told this was the building of McHugh''s waterhole

: ID: 9166 ''The Crisop" was built by Dot Anderson''s brother and uncle. A 30ft Wooden Sailing Yacht took 4 years to build. Information and photos in ''Our Book of Memories''available from the Historical Society

: ID: 4584. Scottville Hotel. Building commenced in 1931. Finished 1932. Burned down 1932. Historical sign on corner where hotel stood. Have been told the girl in the photo is Ailsa Fairley. She married (?) Martin. Children Annette,Carolyn, Cheryl(Rose)

Jeanette Poole: Lady's name definitely Joan, always called Joan. She had a sister Margaret (photo ID 1666) both teachers. I can't remember a Lesley Fletcher sorry, bit before my time. Maybe someone else can help??

Mr Val Crestani: ID:5761 Date:1958 Photo of Ms J.L Fletcher. Is her second name Lesley? I met her(Lesley Fletcher) at a function in Collinsville during 1964 - 1965 when I and two other engineers worked on a project at the Collinsville coal mine. I am now 80 years of age and married to Diana since 1957, and at present I am writing up some of my past. Could you send me via email the above information about Ms Lesley Fletcher. I shall be delighted if you have this information. Very Best Regards Val Crestani 81 Pioneer Parade Banora Point NSW 2486 email:

Mary Schroeder (nee Ganly): The boy on the far left in the back row is Paul Hogan and I think the boy on the far right middle row is Pierre Van Wyk not Peter Rynne.

: Denise Hall 2nd from left


: unsure of girl, Colin Morrissey, Jeff Nugent, maybe a Rynne

: From left. Charlotte Derrick, unsure, Gwen Oliver, Norrien Hinds, June Hathaway, Lorraine Morrissey, Elaine Batchelor

laurie-Ann williams: unknown - bottom right looks like it could be Greg Rose

hazel doosey : ID:7418 PHOTO 2000 or 2001 should be able to go to the club records to find all the names paul doosey back row and one of the Crowther girls cant rember the others

Graham Thomas: Thanks Chris , Yes you are right about the photos, a great help, thanks a lot.

Chris Howarth: G''day Graham, There is a photo in Collinsville Memoirs Online with you in it. It is Image ID 1674 and is our grade VI class photo 1960. There is another, ID 1674 which has your sister Denise in it. There is also a K.Thomas in ID 1679, i don''t know if that is a sister of yours.

Graham Thomas: Gidday Chris I used to know all of you people in the photo you have posted up Good memories of that time Thanks Cheers

: From the left - Stan McLeod, ??, Jean Batchelor,Beryl Aspinall, ??, Jane Davies, Sophie Whitton Doubt MOW photo, looks more like a Pensioner''s day on Thursdays. They have the far right table set as such each Thursday for morning tea and the boxes on stage would be the Bingo Card boxes.

: St john bosco school

: Tricia widt (nee smyth)

: Tricia widt (nee smyth)

: love the car ?? who lady is

: Doubt this description - could be a Cville Show horse event. Note that riders seem to be dressed in riding coats, possible a gentleman''s hack or rider class

: Ernest Smyth (Ernie)

: Danie Malcolm, Tricia Widt & Susie Schmidt. Children are L-R Brittany Hathaway,Rohan Gordan & Tzara ?

: Dr Chee & Tricia Widt Shave For A Cure Town & Country

Andrew Speirs: Image has a picture of Queen Liz in the background - so must be after she came to the throne 1954?

Theresa Fisher: Unknown front Theresa Fisher

: Anyone know the children?

: This bride looks the same as one in photo 4862. Marion McGowan (nee Harvey)

: Currie

: Biddy Nisbet was born Mabel Eileen Grogan. Her grandfather John Grogan was working the mine in 1923 and she was at the 36 mile workin with her grandmother Louisa Grogan and mother Alice Evelyn as (M Ted Thorne) as cooks around the same time.

: Tom is brother to Cynthia (m. Fullerton). Darren Lockyer's gt uncle!

John Stewart: Are you sure this is a swimming team. I can't remember being picked in one, I have always been a a bad swimmer despite being very enthusiastic?

: back L-R Pat Cummins Judy Hawkins front L-R Vi Scott Martin?, Kelsey Bailey

: Gregory Yip

: front L-R Mark Sferratore, Davis Wakeling, Anthony Porter, Peter Bryant Sr. Margaret,??, ??, Paul Morgan,Paul Hannah middle L-R Ian Morrissey, Trevor Neil, Mark Nugent, Jeffrey Crozier, Shane O''Connor, Gregory Yip, David Foley, Chris Lee back L-R Veronica Porter, ??, Irene Jones, Allyson Davis, Caroline Lorraway,

: Michelle Nicholson

: one too many unknowns in back row - take out one near sister

MM: Michelle and George Nicholson. Parents owned a property in Cville area and they are related to Maureen Kennedy, her brother George''s children.

JP: Thanks Lyn, comments have been updated. I wonder who they are.

Lyn Nicholson: Neither Colin Nicholson nor his sister Pauline are in this photo. Both were older than this class. Not sure who the children are.

Marion Watson: Front Unknown is Robyn Stanger.

: Jemmy Reygersberg on L and 4th from L Rachel McCarthy

: Sister Margaret next to Hawkins

: Change first names for Beazley girls..check on writing under photo.

: John Want

: back 2nd left Colin Nicholdon

: back from L ? Poole, David Kennedy,unknown, ? Poole, Mary-Ann Greenough, Billy Morrissey, unknown, ?Peter Haller, VInce Toohey middle from L Tony Rynne, Hank Reygersberg, Leslie Morrissey, John Sferratore, unknown, unknown, Michael Finlay, Ian Mason front from L ? Jones, ? Finlay, ? Lynch, Anita Poli, Sr. Lowcock, ? Finlay, Christine Hall. ? Nicholson, Sharon Crozier

: should be from L for each row

: Should be from L looking at photo for each row

: back row R Chris Les, next 2 unknown, Ross Gall, Andrew Poli, unknown, Ian Morrissey, Jason O''Loughlin Sr. next may be ? Yip ,David Foley,unknown, Paul Hannah, next 2 unkmnown, Paul Morgan front R ? Porter, david Wakeling, unknown, Allison davis, next 2 unsure, ?Mark Sferratore

: Front seated from R Jodie Doig, Robyn Haller, ?Madonna Bulloch, unknown, Donna Lee, next 2 unknown ? Porter standing middle from R Jay Doig, next 2 unsure, Noel Jones, Stephen Collins. Jeff Nugent, ? Paul Hannah , Sister Jean back from R ? Illguth, unsure, Gavin Beazley

Sandra Janssen: Lesley Palmer behind Name Board. Cassandra Janssen, sitting 2nd from right. Brenda Morgen sitting last on right. Greg Sims is standing 4th from right.

Sandra Janssen: from left is Brenda Morgen, Cassandra Janssen, unknown, Therese Janssen. Date approx 1987

Sandra Janssen: The correct spelling is Theo Janssen-Groesbeek, thanks.

Sandra Janssen: Theo started at the mine in 1987 and the horses retired within a few years. This puts the photo as taken in the late ''80s.

Evonn Gillett: just playing on net and put in Collinsville. What a great site. Brings back lots of wonderful memories. Great work.

Debbie Hillier: Dr Alec Baraksopulo not Barry.

: Looks like Kevin Woolley

: Add to top photo - Jack Dickson in bed, Sr. Dot Earl and Dr. Barry Baruksopulo with John TorlacK.

: from R end is Bess Laird,Thelma Brunker on L far side Edna Morran, Doreen White, Joyce Torkington on end

: Guy in boat could be a Woolley, can''t think of first name

Adam Bulloch: Just a quick note to let you know that the photo is indeed of Alexander (Ackie) Bulloch and his son Ray Bulloch, my grandfather and father.

Karlee Haansbergen: This is Karlee Haansbergen (Teacher) and Josephine Hamill - Music Excellence Award

Karlee Haansbergen: This is actually Emily Lawn! Defs not me

: Back: Ken Tengbom, Donna Watts, Warren Watts, Clayton Pollock, Shane Watts

: Joan & Bill O''Loughlin

Russell Buckley: Vince Davis looking at Cutter head of JOY 6CM continuous miner at Dacon. The boy either Stephen or Paul Davis

Russell Buckley: 11KV cable blow out from underground

Russell Buckley: first stage of CHPP in 1979. First foreman was Arthur LePage jnr, first operators were Tex Tilney and Rabbit Morrisey

Russell Buckley: No1 Fan at No2 mine in the background

: Pam Boardman and Jim Armstrong not Hiron

: Susan Reeve(nee Speirs)

: Principal Charmine Best with Sean batchelor and Joanna davis.

: Principal Charmine Best

: Principal Charmine Best

: Susan Reeve is correct name(nee Speirs)

: Jan and Happy Scott, Beryl Fordham, Josie Lambert

: Mike Edwards, Joyce Fletcher, Leny Reygersberg, in front is Val Edwards. Not Tearle

: Val Edwards

: Not Pam - is Sandra Hutchinson

Russell Buckley: Dacon Office when just finished circa 1963, later moved to Bocum, now located as a house at the end of Hillview Cr

Russell Buckley: State Mine No 2 Tunnel

Russell Buckley: Jeffrey borer miner heading underground at Dacon No3 Mine in 1962

Russell Buckley: JOY diesel/electric car that was intorduced into the no1 state mine for mechanisation, after the disater of 1954 it was parked up in No1 Cutthrough at the meechanistaion. It was brought to the surface in 1961 and was used to transport bits and pieces from No1 Mine to tne enw No 3 Mine. this photo would be about 1961/2

Russell Buckley: Scottville no 2 Mine circa 1965

Russell Buckley: Open cut gantry at BCCM circa 1950s

Russell Buckley: First 3, John Sparks (came across from Dacon)Col McKenzie, Neville Woolley Mgr, unknown on right Hughie Scott. ROn Spiers title was Superintendent, unknown next to Ron Spiers is Ckick Petersen

Russell Buckley: No2 Mine new bathroom, Bluey Morris, Ron (Radar) Brunker

Russell Buckley: No2 Mine, Ellis Brunker, Royston (Bogie) Brunker, Viv Brunker, Tony Brunker, Trevor Brunker

Russell Buckley: early 1970s No3 Fan at No2 Mine, replaced No2 fan which was actually an old tiger moth wooden propellor

Russell Buckley: Dacon No 3 mine, circa 1962, No3 Tunnel entrance, electrical switchroom on left, part of electrical substation visible behind it,corner of work shop visible on right. Workshop used to be the old Boilermakers shop at No1 State Mine. Sid Martin and Pinger or Tom Templeton weer the welders there

Russell Buckley: No 1 State Mine tunnel mouth

Russell Buckley: state mine workshops and gardens

Russell Buckley: The unknown in the middle row looks like Johnny Burns

Russell Buckley: The machine the slogans are wriiten on is a JOY Scout car

Russell Buckley: Jeffrey l600 coal loacer parked beside state mine store building after being brought out of the No1 Stae Mine in 1961/62. I know I was there to bring them out as was Terry Williamson, Richie Torkinton, Cecil Torkington, Cedric McCarthy Paddy Meechan Tibby Callaghan, Waddy Callaghan, Mick Stirling to name some that wer there


Ben Prouse: Looks like Jason McCarthy, Damian James, Troy Hoffman (maybe), Dale Brown and Danny Howarth.

: message for Melva. Recent book published "Before the Purple & Gold, (football in Collinsville, Bowen Proserpine area - Whitsunday) has the names Kruckow - Fred , & K & L as players at some time, Thought you may be interested. Book $60 lots of photos and pages - covers 1913 to 1968 2nd book soon to be out.

: Would be an inter school swim carnival , note the different shirts (Scottville) L-R is Jason McCarthy unknown unknown unknown Denny Howarth

: Lady on left is Myrtle Blakeney

Melva Kruckow: 1. Caption says ''Jack Duncan''. Should be ''Jack Tyson''. 2.''Donated by'' uses the name ''Duncan''. Should that be ''Dunlop''? (Laurie Kruckow is my father)

Rachel Laneyrie: Back row: 2nd from left is Christine McCarthy (Buchanan) not Laurel Philips :-)

: Mrs Gill (Giddy Gill''s Mum) Mrs Neilsen believed to be RSL ladies

Debbie Hillier: Lyn Elliott on the left.

Margaret Barraclough nee Williams: That looks to me to be Jenny Butterworth on the left and Mavis McCardle in the middle. Could be Cassandra with the red hair but from memory she always had a fringe and this picture does not indicate that.

Geoff Anthony: Back Row: Roanna Abbot, Lauren Chatfield, Kelly Tudehope, Sarah Woods, megan Tudehope, Rachel Chatfield, ?? Front Row: Brendan Knight,?? Williams, ??, ??, Garth Tongue, Alan Crouther.

Geoff Anthony: Cricket day held at Scottville front left Amanda Watts (Shane''s wife). I remember faces as I played that day but struggling for names.

William (Bill) Gralton: L to R back row after Joe Gralton, Harry Duncan is John Gralton. The trainer was William (Bill) Gralton (not in photo).

Janet Andersen: The best and nicest man. He was My stepdad.

: 4143. Crane from Collinsville Railway Station

: It would be St John Bosco''s school pupils in front and guides behind

Steve Malone: Adrian Brunker, David Brunker and on the far right Viv Power from Bowen.

: Lady is Veronica Meechan

: This photo is identically to the one in the book "Tom Coolon''s Last Sunset", and listed as the graves of Tom Coolon and son Hector Coolon at Charters Towers Cemetery. Is also stated that Tom Coolon''s body/remains were exhumed and transported in 1926 to Charters Towers to be buried with son.

: Sue Clark, thought Geoff Buckley other

: Photo ID 4448 has the history of this church

: photo ID 4448 has the history of this church

: Photo ID 4448 has the history of this church

: check 4448 for history of this church

MM: The foundation stone for the Methodist Church was laid in 1947 and resident Minister at the time was Rev. Ross Wundas who stayed throughout the construction of the building. In 1948 on 7th February the church was officially opened and the first Minister was Rev. George Andrews.

Amanda Gorry: This is Cassie Widt (skipper) not Caitlin Gorry.

: Graham Smith, unknown, Amanda Watts.

: 6850. Thought it was early 60's. Remember Liz Davies and Lorraine Hoffman were two of the riders.

: Len Moir and his mum Nellie Moir

Sonya Batchelor: This photo is from the 80 year anniversary of Scottville School. Sean Batchelor (Yr 1) was a fourth generation Scottville student with Dad, Grandma and Great Grandma all going to Scottville school. Johanna Davis (Yr 7) was the last of her family to go through with parents Wayne & Joanne being active members of the P&C for many years.

: Photo of the former Collinsville Bowls Club

Taryn Fisher: Mrs Best was by far the greatest teacher I ever had. A wonderful principal and a very passionate woman.

JP: Looks like the Grand View Hotel in Bowen after the 1958 cyclone.

: photo of hotel, not a parade

Geoff Davies: The girl in the purple coloured dress is Kylie Farlow.

Geoff Davies: No. 2 Mine Stables.

Geoff Davies: That was at No. 2 Mine. I think the nearest 2 horses are Mr. Ed and Wharrier.

Geoff Davies: Mr. Ed, Laurie Williams and Marble.

Geoff Davies: The horses name was "Marble". I think she was named that due to her left eye. When she died, the last 2 remained.

Geoff Davies: Bill Hoffmann, Mr. Ed and Wharrior

Geoff Davies: Bill Hoffmann and Mr. Ed

Geoff Davies: The day No.2 Mine closed. The memorial was for the 2 men that had died in the mine - David Firth and Scott Stevenson. 2 seperate incidents.

Geoff Davies: Standing - Unknown, Unknown, Wharrior, Wayne Munro, Wally Nisbet, John Harrison, Unknown, Theo Janssen-Groesbeek. Squatting - Brian McPherson, Adrian Morrissey, Neil Tudehope

JP: Is the little girl''s surname Jarcy?

Geoff Davies: This is a picture of the "New" track

Geoff Davies: This is a picture of the Tower at the "New" track

Geoff Davies: This is a picture of the "New" track

Geoff Davies: Kate Neilsen

Geoff Davies: This car was driven by Bill Rowe

Geoff Davies: Bob Lawn

Geoff Davies: Dennis Mcphee (Car 71) and Jeff Buckley (Car 41)

Chloe: Stephen Echevarria and Ellis Brunker

: This was originally part of the Argyle Cafe. Since those times it has been a home to a few different businesses.

: This is a Collinsville Show Day

: Must mean a SJB school trip photo

Chris Howarth: Jack Spencer in front. Looks like John Burns at back

: back row unknown should be at end right after Capuro

: May be a Jones on L end

: Should R end be Kim Sloan on

: End 2 on left could be Brunker brothers and a Wake from Bowen on right. Is previous comment correct?

: Is it Jack Dempsey ?

: Iris Scott & Nita Rutherford

: back l- Vi Scott, ??, ??, Judy Hawkins front L-R Sr. ??, Sr. ?? SR. ??

: middle man is ? Wright

: Remains of the barber shop at the front of the billiard room owned by Ted Bushell. Now demolished and once stood between the newsagent of 2013 (Previous CW Bank) and vacant shop.

david crozier: That is Jeffrey Crozier.

david crozier: This photo is of year 12 in 1986, not year 11.

Chris Howarth: The bloke behind Greg Torkington with the long white socks is Graham Fairbrother

Leila Porter: ID9880 My married name is Leila Porter (not MacKenzie).

: same as 1755 which has names

Janelle Bennett: The date was 1989 as Adrian Bennett is the boy with the black jumper on and they visited the ambulance centre in Grade 1.

: 7441: Herman Fisher (or Fischer, not sure) electrician. Worked underground at Collinsville Coal and then Snells. Used to come up for many years and fix our white goods.

Gavin Laycock: Back Row: Gary James??, Sall-Ann Lauder,Roslyn Costigan, Theresa James, Tracey Howarth,Sue Lind, Veronica Earl??, Roslyn Greenhill, Craig Goodwin. Front Row: Carl Baker, Chris Stiff, Doran James, Neil baker, Stephen Lauder, Rodney Laird, Brett Moir, Robbie Howarth

: 8933. IT IS MARK

JP: Photo donated by Kevin. Boy holding the child certainly looks like Kevin.

: from left seated Kath Wong, Jean Batchelor, Fay Brunker, ? Hinds, standing unknown

Chris Howarth: Yes

Brandon jones: Are these pics of uncle kevin or just donated by him

: Raymond Wallace on end right

: Not kindy fort . Lions park

: Is it Kevin Wallace

: Crossland

: Lorraine Fisher, Glady Wallace in front, Dot Cairns

: Robyn O''Regan,Charlott Derrick,Neville Meechan, May Rowan, ??

: from Left Joyce Fletcher,??, Dot Cairns, Lorraine Fisher, Glady Wallace

: Neville Meechan, May Rowan, ??, Wally & Mary Thomas

: from L Edna Morran, Beryl Aspinall,Ann McGowan, Margaret Robertson

: Norrien

: Noirrien Hinds, ??, ??, Denise Hall

: Christine CREossland and her dad Richard Hall, Dell Taylor, Vicki Ramage

: from R Sophie Whitton, Jane Davis, Pat Jones, Josie Paroz, Jeanette Donald

: Josie Paroz then Pat Jones, Jane Davis (partly obscured) Sophie Whitton

: On right Denise Hjortshoj

: Standing L- Norrien Hinds R Denise Hall



: Not Scott Davy , Grant Davy and his wife Diane Davy 3rd front from right

: L-R Back row Tony Brunker, Roberta Drinkwater (Brunker) Kit Anderson (Brunker) Viv Brunker, Ron Brunker in front the parents Robert & Catherine Brunker

: duplicate photo is 4196

: duplicate photos of this is 4211 and 4197

: Ernie Lote

: correction -- 12th March

: Ted and Hester Morran (Nee Quin) 70th Wedding Anniversary 13th March 1982

: Should it be Searle

: not a band ?? looks like catholic church

: 0ops. think description incorrect

: Erica Janz not Jane

: It''s Rhett Hutchings not Brett

A Hall: Roslyn Costigan is between Sally and Theresa and Chris Stiff?? second from left, front row

A Hall: Roslyn Greenhill?? is next to Craig

AT: That was Brett Moir

Adrienne Taylor (nee Hall): Front L-R:Kym Martin, Kerry Allen, Kevin Brunker, Danny Underwood, Raymond Abdy, Breet Moir, Nadine Radford, Grace Whelan, Sally-Ann Lauder. Back L - R: Tracey Shields, Susan Lind, Rhonda Jones, Adrienne Hall, Laurie-Ann Williams, Kimberly Doyle, Sara Morrow, Jean Sloan, Tracey Howarth, Lynette Meechan, Marie Widt and Miss Squire

Adrienne Taylor(nee Hall): 2nd from left is Jim Stewart and not Sean Stiff

jean richards: its Sandra Richards(Sverdloff) and kerry Allan

jean richards: I don''t think that is Danie, i think its Kit Herbert.

: L-R Danie Malcolm, Julie Thompson, Florence Watts, Donna Illguth, Marion Ruskin

Craig Campbell: Unknowns: Front row centre next to Francis is Jodie Tillney After Francis is Connie Whyte and Sharon Gerussi Back row - it is John Janssen not Peter

Jeanette: Annette who?

Chris Howarth: Back Row L-R 1st is Bert Curry,4th us Bob Ruskin

: Could unknown on left be Heather Ramage

brian dougan: this is peter madden

Lyn Nicholson: I took these strike photos for the union. The unknown male in the front row left is the late Terry Williamson. I think all the others are named correctly.

sheree: not mw its annette

Chloe Marshall: I think this may have been 2009/2010??

: Either Mark or Bradley Wallace.

: L-R Peter Shears next 3 unknown ? Wallace.

: middle front is Pat Hiron

: L-R unknown, Doreen Nicholson

: Matt Ronkainen on left and Trevor Naughton right

: Swimmers under the Ted Morran bridge

: at the river under the Ted Morran Bridge

: In the river at the Ted Morran bridge

: Fay Brunker cutting the cake beside Sue.

Corrina: Peter Kruger was a fitter and turner at collinsville power station for over 20 years








: Anzea Fisher on left

Barry Poole: Yes, sure it's Billy Morrissey. Unknown at back is Kevin Hoffmann.

: Flo Bilney(nee Morris) informed this is not Charles Morris. Believed to be a great grandfather of her and brother Arthur - on maternal side.

MM: Flo Bilney(Nee Morris) advised that this is grave of Agnes Rollinson not her son. Checked Qld. deaths and one for her in 1933.

: meant 6225 - not 6223 double photo

: double up same as 6223

: There are a few Bowen folk in this photo. names unknown

: same as 7020 photo - this is the better one

: back 4th Pam Smith (Best) is 5th Rosie Buchanan(Drinkwater)or Michelle Stevens(Bulloch) 6th ? Joanne Holcombe

: Think it should be B Morrissey not H Any of the players able to confirm this?

: Should it be Graves


Chris Howarth: L-R Ann Bushell,Cath Wong,Tom Jensen behind Charlie Greaves

Dot Wyper: This is Dot with Jack when he won the raffle prize. It was a fundraiser to help get me to France for my first World Transplant Games. Thanks Jack

: Dylan Barnes

: William Delacourt

: Kelvin & his long bow

: William ?

: Juniors at practice rangwe

: setting up the 3D buffalo

: 3D buffalo

: wrestling into place a 3D buffalo

: Tegan Donald

: Daniel Behan in action 1997

: Fun Shot 2002 Natalie Niarana

: Peter Barnes

: Bernie Smith

: Brett Farraher

: Ashley Craven

: Wayne Nipps

: Toni & Kel from Moranbah

: Brendan Smith, Josh Schmidt, Justin Brunker

: Ben Mackie & Allan Searle

: should be Richard Cole, Johnathon Williams, Josh Schmidt

: Allan Searle & Lindsay Mackie

: Workers building the Mount Coolon dam wall 1930. Info from Les Tuttle

: date 1934 - water over dam wall

: Boyd''s Picture Theatre- info from Les TUttle

: 2 of the men are Bill Meecham & Herb Doyle - info from Les Tuttle

: Chimney for Mount Coolon mine =- info from Les Tuttle

: Mount Coolon cricket day. - info from Les Tuttle

: Steam Boiler at Mount Coolon - info from Les Tuttle

: Boyd''s Picture Theatre Mount Coolon info from Les Tuttle

: wrong names - are May and Betty Sims confirmed by Flo BIlney(nee Morris)

: children are Mary and George Morris. Mary later in life was Mary Williams

: Flo Bilney(nee Morris) informed these are not her and brother Arthur''s grandparents

: Jim & Agnus Rollinson not Morris family - inforned by Flo BIlney (Nee Morris)

: Not MOrris family - informed by Flo Bilney (Nee Morris)

: Not Morris family - informed by Flo Bilney (nee Morris)

: Not Mrs. Morris- informed by Flo BIlney (nee Morris)

: Flo BIlney (nee MORRIS) says not a Morris wedding . names in the Collinsville MEMOIRS BOOK 2 Has some names but some are not correct

: Spelling is Howson - given by Flo Bilney (nee Morris)

: Not Morris children, checked by Flo Bilney (Nee Morris

: Cr. Peter Ramage -seated Mayor Michael Brunker

: Could be Sharon Clancy seated.

: Donna Martin, Kerri Macdonald other 2 unknown

: back L-R Gaye Morgan, unknown, Charlott Derrick Elaine Batchelor, unknown, Maree Brunker, Veronica Hatchett, Lorraine Morrissey, Denise Hall, Norrien Hinds. middle L-R Judy Patteson, Bev Fisher, June Hathaway, Wally Thomas, Mary Thomas, Toni Martin, Gwen Fell front L-R ? Chatfield, unknown, Colleen Rynne, unknown, Jean Pujolas, ? Chatfield. unknown

: 927 Tunnel Entrance to the Bowen Seam


: Graham Smith 2 unknown

: Nell Graves

: Nell Graves

: Nell Graves

: Nell Graves

: Nell Graves

: Nell Graves

: should be Nell Thompson

: should be Nell Graves

: should be Nell Graves

: should be Nell Thompson

: Glady Scott, unknown, Kewpie Fisher

: middle right end Bluey Nielsen

: back l-r Bill M? (from Bowen) Herman the German (sorry do not recall surname) Noel Hjortshoj, Les Beauchamp, could be Albert List R end may be Roy Gorry front Roy Hjortshoj, Don Malcolm, Harry Watts, unknown lad. photo was 1959/60 fishing trip to Hook Island and taken before boarding the boat. photo was taken by VIc Cruze(unsure of spelling)

: Is Sorene Anderson confirmed by her Mum

: Is Caroline confirmed by her Mum

JP: Rita''s youngest daughter Kerry

MM: CORRECTION - Was THE Pensioner''s Chocolate Wheel at Cv Show.

: Kerri Wease

: DATE 1984

: Lady in spotted frock/jumper is Rita McFadzen, girl on right I think is her daughter Bernice. SAME LADY IN 8124- SAME CLOTHES AT BALL.

: Ellen Drane is unknown

: Should it be June Wakeling

: same photo as 205 which has no names.

: Chick Searle cutting his Dad "Damper"Searle''s hair. Confirmed by family.

Olive Craig-Havern: My name is spelt craig-havern.

Olive Craig-Havern: Kay Smedley definitely next to me, she was my best friend & Pam definitely next to Lorraine Thorne.

: Barb Morgan, Gary Reed, Gayle Morgan, other unknown

: John & Greg Anderson with maternal Grandmother Kate Brunker

: Back L-R Glady Scott, Fay Christensen, Nellie Willkinson, Millie McNaughton, Norrien Hinds, Flo Morgan Front L-R Jean Pujolas, Denise Woolley,Kewpie Fisher, Betty Mannion, Doris McLeod and the young boy is Terry Wilkinson. The ladies were snapped after playing the dice game "WOG" at the Miners Hall at Scottville. Info supplied by Flo Troy.



: Checked spelling - is FAWKE

greg anderson: thats john anderson in photo 9515

Jodie doig : The second person in on the left is Neil maloney, the girl next to Jane Collins is leanne dukes, in the middle row on the left the boys are gavin and Bruce beezely, and beside them is tony jones. Next to Anita poli is robin haller, and the unknown girl on the end is Andrea bullock.

Shelly Stokes: That looks like Colin Klaus

: Lexis Whalen and Mum Lesley

: Think it''s Vicki Ramage not Susan

: Lexis Whalas and her Mum Lesley

: Lexis Whalen and her Mum Lesley

: L-R VIcki Ramage, Joan, Bill, Jay, Cheyenne and Regan O''Loughlin

: lexis Whalen.

: Jade Champion and Regan O''Loughlin

: Cheyenne O''Loughin

: Lexie Whalen

: Susan O''Loughlinj, Taylor Ramage, Cheyenne O''Loughlin, Jade Champion, Joan O''Loughlin

: 6346: Melissa Wallace. Melissa won the competition to design the Collinsville Connect Telecentre Logo

Julie: Wilf is active and still playing his music. He celebrated his 90th birthday in August this year. If you use Facebook you will find him there.

: These were the Collinsville Scottville Historical Society members whose society building was in the Lions Park adjacent to the pool. The building was eventually removed from the park.

: Grave of Albert Re????

: Grave of Thomas Byrnes

: Grave of Thomas Byrnes

: No, not Batchelor daugher checked photo


: Thompson - with a P

Chris Howarth: These comments have been to the wrong photo

Chris Howarth: Couple of corrections: Back row far right is Bruce Betts, not Russell Howarth. Boy is not Ashley Thompson, it is Andrew Thompson (Jack''s son)

Chris Howarth: In front of Melvin Drinkwater is Kerry Woolley

Chris Howarth: Looks like Doug Jaques on left end

: L=R Roberta Drinkwater, Margaret Meechan, Val Brunker, Val Hiron, Dimpna McPherson obscured is Norrien Hinds.

: Donna Martin

: Norrien HInds, Judy Pattesonare front 2 from R

Kelsie Herbert: Yes, middle person is definitely Katrina Herbert.

Kelsie Herbert: I''m sure mum (Kit Herbert) would love to see this one! It was definitely a while ago.



: ? Wallace

: Don''t think Elaine Batchelor is in photo maybe husband Doug is on left end - maybe taken by Elaine

: ?Lyn Elliott on left end red hair? Cassandra Woodhouse

: Katrina Herbert (nee Harrington) unknown, Florence Watts

: Middel nurse is Florence Watt

: Chris Bull & Cameron Davis. Is it Kate Nielsen in car?

: L-r Barry Smith, Brett Smith, Lewis Howarth, Brent Howarth

: L-R Glenn Jones, Camilla Ronnel, Barry Smith, Luke Van Wyk, Brett SMith

: Back L-R Camilla Ronnel, Lauren Jaques, ??, Roselyn Mackie front ?/, Angela Reitano

: L-R Brett Smith,Ian Lumsden, Marion Watson, Barry Smith

: Hamilton family. Paul, Mary and children

MM: Morris family - again no names but maybe girls are twins in 4878

: Morris family - again names not known.

: Morris family

: Morris family, babies names not known . Anyone know. Look like twins

: Mrs Morris

: Leo and Beris Moir at Ipswich 1936

: Morris family wedding but names of bride/groom needed. Anyone know?

MM: Fred, ALice & children (no surname in book, could be a Honnery or Reed contact)

: David Jephcott on motor cycle and Frank Reed in side cart

: A young William Fawlke- taken from another magazine, think could be Fawke

: William Fawlke(taken from another magazine) Think it should be Fawke


MM: Edith Fawke

: Fawke sisters

: Its "Breen Austin" not Brent

: Brent Austin Unknown next to Katrina Kennedy on end is Tanya WIlliams









: ??,??, ? Hinds, ??

: ? Whitton (now marr. name) was Scottville teacher, Ann Baker males unknown

: Michael & Kylie Brunker, Norrien Hinds, Denise Hall unknown

: around the table from left - Jean Davis, unknown, Jean Batchelor, Bess Henderson, Thelma Trathen lady on left side is Daphne McCarthy and husband Mervyn slightly to the right of her. In the back ground is Blue Neilsen and Vince Davis.

: Walter Bulloch and Marion Firth




: Fay Brunker, Katie Bulloch, Dawn Walsh

: fay Brunker & Jean Pujolas

: Rita Techer on left

Sid Ruskin: between John Williams and Charlie Ruff is Bevan Ford. His oldman worked on the railway

: Michael Brunker, unknown, Mary Daniels

: Andy Reed and wife, Mary Williams are the front 3

: L-R back Lyn Rowan ?, Laurel Phillips,3rd is Jan Chippindale , ? Pam Smith end Sheryl Fordham front L-R 3rd ? Aileen Fordham, End R ? Kim Earl

: Norrien Hinds in middle

Chris Howarth: Front Row right is Andrew Thompson not Ashley. Could the 3rd from left in back row be Ray Cullinane??????

Jeanette: Veronica, your email address has been passed on to Lisa.

Veronica O''Brien: I would like to make contact via email with Lisa Burton. If you could pass on my email address to her please Jeannette. Not certain If I will be able to help. I will need more information. As far as I know my Hornung Ancestors came out on the "Helene", but I havent researched another Hornung by the name of Ludwig Hornung, who I believe may also be a relative. Still no feedback on Byerwen Station. I have copies of some old photos of Byerwen supplied to me by a Ferguson relative. Do Memoirs OnLine have any information on the following stations? Havilah, Byerwen and Birralee Stations? Gottleib and Elizabeth Hornung (nee Boer), first settled on Havilah Station circa 1860s. Would also be interested in any information on Normandy or Normanby? Goldfields, and a property at Rosebank, where Gottleibs daughter Christine settled with her husband Dauvt Fischer. Does anyone know where Rosebank was located in the Collinsville/Bowen area?

Julia Duncan: Mrs Massey (Sonoma Station).

Chris Howarth: At Right is Fiona Howarth and in front is Samuel Howarth with his dog Wally

Mark Sverdloff: The unknowns n the photo are Roy Gorry and Sean Stiff

Chris Howarth: Breen''s surname is Austin

Chris Howarth: 2nd from left is Dot Costigan. In the wheelchair is Breen.

: Yes Fay Brunker

Chris Howarth: I think this is L-R: Russell Howarth, Darrell Mathewson, Ted Butterworth

liz malone: Is the lady in the middle Mrs. Fay Brunker

: Marcia Gunston on Left

Lawford Edwards: Tracey brunker,maiden name Renwick is the lady in the middle, i am pretty sure she is holding her son brodie...

: L-R could be Syd Ruskin then a Bullock or a Mathewson 3rd unknown

: L-R Cathy Macdonald ??, ??, Troy Macdonald

: L-R ??, Noeleen Gesler, Delwyn Watson, Colleen Mellon, Kerry Corbett, ??

: same as 548

: This would be the Hospital Staff Float entry for the May Day Parade. L is Marlene Drinkwater, ??, FLorence Watts, ??, ?? in wheelchair

: Certain this man was the Principal, was it Martin ?

JP: Mike became Mayor in 2008 according to his facebook page.

: Margaret Robinson on left side front

: L-R Norrien Hinds, ??, Robyn O''Regan, ??, Dawn Walsh

: front L-R Maisie Sloan, Norrien Hinds, Peter & Mandy Fallon, Val Hiron, ?? back L-R 4th Pat Jones 7th Marissa Kearney, 8th Keith Hiron,

: Daphne Moir, Chad Morgan( Country Western Singer) May Rowan

: Back L-R Sr. Francis, Sr. Alexis, Helen Jones, Sister Mary Lucy front L-R Vi Scott, ??, ??, Robyn Muller

: Ellen Drane with a handsome character

: Could this be Chester James Parker who lots his life in a British submarine in WW2? He was a Collinsville lad who won a Rhodes Scholarship to study in England.

: same as 5147 and 9439 all 3 have wording the same

: 2 men on left Kevin Jones(blue shirt) Cr. Peter Ramage Man in front Ted Chatfield

: Peter Fallon

: ? Should he be as Mayor in 2005 ???

: was he Mayor in 2005?

: Isabel Sloan & Cr.Michael Brunker

: Cynitta Wease & Cr. Michael Brunker

: L middle is Darby Munro in hat

: front L-R Veronica Porter, ??, Irene Jones, Kim Beasley, Sister Mary Lucy, Tammy Beasley, Samantha Sankey, ?Nicholson. Alison Davis.middle L-R David Wakeling, Paul Morgan,Ian Morissey, Peter Rynne, Jeff Crozier, Terry O''Connor, Paul Hannah, Chris Lee Back L-R David Foley, J.Bryant, George Nicholson, Barry Morgan, Shane O''Connor, P Bryant

: end R is Rykki Batchelor

: ??could be Don Stirling. He and Fred were electricians


: 5th front from L DON STIRLING

: Gene Curtis being handcuffed by Sergent Chris Farlow

: correction- at Black River outside of Townsville 1983

: front R seated Ellen Drane.Is unknown back Liz Kelly

: front L-R Ann Marie Williamson, back L=R unknown, Norrien Hinds, June Hathaway


: 3586. Yes. BCCM

: Jean Batchelor

: Peter Shears is man

: Dot Earl later Costigan in red.

: should be Marissa

: Val Hiron & Melissa Kearney

: Teacher on L Vi Scott Robyn Muller on R

: Melva Skellern unknown, Aileen Fordham

: Forty Foot is name of water fall

Kirsty Chant: The unknown between Tamie & Kirsty Cairns is Angela Chant

: back L-R ? Lyn Rowan(Fletcher), Laurel Philips(Honnery), Jan Chippendale, ??, ??, Sheryl Fordham front L-R ??, Robyn Bushell(Best), ?Aileen Fordham(Janz) Ann Baker, Kim Earl(Davis)

: L-r Ellis Brunker, ? could be a Honnery, David Hathaway unknown

: Jacki Reygersberg in middle

: left - right Raymond Wallace, Jacki Reygersberg, Alf Gall, unknown boy unknown

: Jacki Reygersberg 2nd from left

: 4th back from L David Hathaway end 2 back right Wally & Rhonda Robinson. Ellis Brunker with trophy

: David Hathaway end left

: Raymond Wallace 3rd front left

: end front Jacki Reygersberg

: Jemma Reygersberg in middle

: back L-R Kerry Corbett, unknown, Dellwyn Watson,Noeleen Gesler, next 6 unknown front L-R Tracey Apap, next 3 unknown, Colleen Mellon

: daughter in write up should be Elaine

: back L-R Tom Sharp, Jack Thompson, ??, Helen James, Geoff Odd, Roy Thompson, Kate Neilsen. front L-R Peter Sharp, ?Leeann Odd, Des James, Lynne Sharp, Ashely Thompson.

: Is end front right Scott Davy. Could be Shane Watts end back right and his brother Warren 3rd from right

: is unknown left Ann Baker

: Message for Margaret Givan. Please check photo - ID 6952 Clive & a girl at Show Ball - is it you?

: man is Clive Abdy/Abdey

Kirsty Chant: Thanks Tara, spelling is a tad wrong though :) I am Girl Chant.

Tara Cairns: Girl Chant is Kisty Chant

Tara Cairns: pretty sure the blonde girl 2nd from the left is Kirsty Chant and the girl beside her is Tamie Whaturia (not sure of spelling)





: date 4th August 1930 is on top of p[photo.

Lyn Gutteridge: the person on the far right is Debby Ishmael, I am her sister Lyn, last year I attended the St John Bosco 75th reunion.

: Cr. Peter Ramage

: Hulton not HIlton

: Merryn Curley is unknown

: Taylor Ramage & Vicki Ramage peeping over horse.

: Jade Champion

: Taylor Ramage

: Norrien HInds , ? Mrs Malcolm

: L-R Back unknown, Brent?, lana Odger, Joan Echevarria, ??,??,??Middle Val Brunker, ??, ?? front 2 unknown

: Old photo - any name for it any one?

: these names are not in order in description.. Should be unknown, Dellwyn Watson, Margaret Tudehope, ?Helen Spencer, Colleen Millon, Noeleen Gesler, ? Michelle Hill, Kerry Corbett, Shelly Stokes, Tracey Apap, Dell Taylor, unsure

: from L 3rd Norrien Hinds, 4th Hazel Doosey

: ?Norma Simpson end R Is lady in white Beryl Illguth

: Nun in front of board may be Sister Carmel





: left end Renae Batchelor 4th man on left is Mr. Coleman Snr.

: On the right is the Picture Theatre and closer to side is the Collinsville Scottville Co-operative Soc. Store.The Council Office is pictured on the left. This photo taken before the round about was installed

: Could be Mr Batchelor husband of Jean

: Joan Echevarria

: Man on end right John Currie

: yes Ann McGowan

: Looks more like the old maternity ward verandah and theatre at old hospital with a covered walk way on left to other parts ofhospital

Rhonda Davy: This is not Dad (Arthur Hatchett)





: bacl Shane & Tracey Brunker seated l-r unknown Francis & John Bell.

: bacl l-r 2nd Melva Skellern, 4th NOrma Rose, front l-r Norma Simpson, next 2 unlnown, Myra Earl

: Myra Earl in white

: would say not Myra maybe a sister

: r-l Myra & Frank Earl

: r-l Mrs & Henk Reygersberg, Desma & Danny Munro others unknown

: l-r unknown Frank & Myra EARL

: back l-r Brett Murphy, Gwen Oliver seated l-r unknown Kevin & Flo Murphy










: L end Corrie Duncan

Rhonda Davy: This is Matthew Brunker winning and Troy Davy behind him

: Warren Nott is face in middle is unsure Peter Tengbom


: R-L Pat Cummins, Judy Hawkins, Sister ?, Fr.Lewis, Vi Scott, Sister ?

: front R end Kelsey Bailey

: front l-r Vi Scott, Fr. Lewis, Sister ? 2 unknown back R end Pat Cummins

: back R end Pat Malcolm front R end Judy Hawkins


: yes is Julie Sanderson

: Julie Trevaten, Diane Barry, maybe Julie Sanderson, Anette Bulloch, Debbie Ishmael. Boys: ? Ferguson, unknown, ? Crouther, ? Lote

: l-r girls - unknown, ? Noeleen Gesler, ? Sanderson (need first name) Annette Bullock, Could be Debbie Ishmael

: Jason McCarthy is 5th L back row

: Katie Bullock

: Katie?, Sue Clark, Dawn Walsh

: Pat Jones, Cynitta Wease, Peter Shears

: L-R Leny Reygersberg, Debbie Hathaway, unknown

: Raymond Wallace L end 3rd Jeanette Donald lady standing

: Samantha Scott, Peter Fallon on side

: Rita Bull on R

: is unknown front between Dubbo & Ron Mr Allan

: front L-R Fay Janz, Doreen White, unknown

: unknown between Fay & Flo is Betty Carter

: front end L is Betty Carter not Daniels

: unknown on R end 2nd row is Jan Harrigan

: front unknown may be Mary Daniels

: back l- r unknown, unknown,Kim Barry, Noeleen May is it Sharon Pujolas 2nd end front R

: Walter Bulloch 3rd left end R is man who was manager of Cornetts

: Dawn Walsh

sue clark: Jessica McPhee in white

: same as 4637

: same as photo 10876, this one has names

: back R Rita Techer L lady may be Anne McGowan

: R end Veronica Meechan

: Christine Crossland, Margaret Hoffmann

: Jacki Reygersberg on right

: Hazel Doosey, Alf ? (from ER Mechanical & RACQ)Norrien Hinds

: the building is Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church - back view

: L-R unknown, Karen Mutch,Marissa Kearney, Rita Bull, unknown

: starting with Myra in floral dress Myra Earl, Duncan Clark, Frank Earl, Corrie Clark

: a guess- from right - Carol ? now Maitland, Joyce Morran, Glynis Henderson,

: Lady on left Shirley Dougherty

: Collinsville Horse & Pony Club members in the May Day Parade 1970. Vicki Taylor is holding the Club flag.

Melva skellern: Kevin Fleming on the end.

Melva skellern: 3rd.from left is Betty Carter

Melva skellern: Nancy Tudehope;Heather Ramage (partly obscured Iris Scott;Jan Harrigan; Flo Murphy ;Betty Carter iris Dougan; Kneeling..Fay Janz Melva Skellern Gwen Brunker

Melva skellern: 2nd from end ..back row is Betty Carter..

Melva skellern: Back right hand end is Betty Carter.ex Daniels

JP: Done.

: Mrs.Plumb?, Kevin Plumb

: same as 10796 same ladies in same clothes - different description

: L-R ??, Terry O'Connor. Micheal Payne unknown in front

: Right end Leader Mrs Logan

: 2nd end on right Leader Grace Cairns 4th Kirsty Cairns end right Debbie Hathaway

: from r Leader? Paroz, ? Martin, Karissa Brunker

: Jackie Reygersberg on left in uniform

: description does not match photo - no tiger moth - just people

: back l-r ? Tom Sharp, ??, 3rd Helen James, Lynne Sharp, Jack Thompson ?? middle L-R Sue Thompson, ? Thompson, ? Kate Neilsen front L-r ??, Des James, ?Sharp

: Lady is Val HIron


Russell Buckley: Note 10sc shuttlecar from state mine hauling coal which went up to a ramp for loading straight into THames Trader trucks. Cars driven by terry Williamson, Cec Torkington, Richie Torkington and others. Truks driven by Johnny Cairns, Jock tudehope, Merv McCarthy. note 15HP blower on bank (ex State mine) blowing air into the adit

: Michelle Walker and Margarette Gulliver

: wonderful to get a few more names - also a date at last.

Michelle: This is 1967 and the people are from left Bill, Greg and Heather Dougan. John Dougan's first three children.

: right front end is Joyce Fletcher 3rd lady could be Dot Cairns 4th ? Lorraine Fisher on left end front Jeanette Donald,? Paroz,

JP: Does anyone have Truscotts in their family tree?

: Val Hiron end F r Gene Curtis back L

: F Middle Denise Hall

Melva skellern: Melva Skellern Norma Rose( Parkinson) Shelly Stokes Carolyn Upton

Michael Payne: Sharon Crozier is at the front holding the sign.

: continuing on front row - Aileen Fordham, Karon Widt. Back row l-r Lyn Rowan, Kerry Brunker, maybe Kim Earl, maybe Danielle Edwards

sheryl fordham: this is laurel gulliver

sheryl fordham: this is Margarette Gulliver

sheryl fordham: l/r front row Diane Gulliver, Mary Elliot, Collette Klaus,Sheryl ford ham,

sheryl fordham: looking at photo to left of Sheryl is Jan Chippendale,bev ghoulish,Donna young

sheryl fordham: Julie hanlon,unknown,don macullam ex wife ,Diane watts,Beryle ford ham ,front row Sheryl ford ham and Irene tengbong

: Julie Hanlon, next 2 unknown in front L-R Donna Hutchings, Diane Watts,? Sheryl Fordham, Beryl Fordham, unknown

: Was it MacKenzie

Lisa Burton: I am hoping someone interested in the HORNUNG family can assist me with an individual (likely male) of this name who arrived 1857 on the "Pauline" from Bremen. I'm afraid I can't give a Christian name, that's part of the problem! However, perhaps someone who has researched the various branches of this family here in Australia may be able to 'narrow the field'. I certainly hope so! Looking forward to a response. Rgs Lisa Burton

JP: Left is Leila Miller (married name unknown)

: Back row 6th Gary Beazley, Glen Dukes. Next row: 3rd Warren Poole, Ricky Sloan, Clay Dukes, Shaun Ferguson. 1st row: 2nd Pauline Lynch, Joanne Holcolmbe.

Carolyn Upton: The lady in the red shirt is Melva Skellern (nee Parkinson) and she is the youngest daughter of Alex Parkinson, who was killed in the 1954 mining accident, however the other lady is not one of his daughters. Alex and Jean's oldest daughter, Norma, was there on this day, but is not depicted here.

: front L-R ? Daniels, Iris Dougan, Jan Harrigan, Iris Scott,Sophie Whitton, Fay Janz, Aileen Fordham second back row 3 L-R Jane Morris, Christine English, Heather Ramage,Back 2 L-R unknown, Melva Skellern

: Peter Stirling end left

: back - left end is Glady Scott front 2nd end right may be Stella Currie and in middle front ? Kewpie Fisher

: on the left behind the elephants is the old Pioneer Theatre(now dismantled) and on the right is the former Collinsville Scottville Co-Operative Society building.(also changed over time to Denhams and now 2012 as Cornetts ) The elephants are turning around at the "Silent Cop" heading back down the street.

: middle girl is ? Sanderson next to her on R may be Annette Bulloch and on her L Could be Jenny Gesler

: back L-R Michael Findlay, Trevor Smith,Bill Morrissey, Bobby Lote, John Sferratore, unknown,Glen Clay. 2nd back row L-R Vince Toohey, David Kennedy, ? Poole, unknown, unknown, Leslie Morrissey, unknown. 2nd front row L-R Sister ? ,Wayme Davis, Graham West, Kathy Mason, Jennifer Brunker, Mary-Ann Greenough, Peter Haines,John Doonan. front row L-R Leigh Gesler, unkmnopwn, Diane Brunker, Jacki Reygersberg, Sharon Findlay, Kerry Flood, Theresa Poli, Christine Hall, unknown, Pauline Nicholson

: Jodie Mackrill

: front row left end is Pam Cole

: Should be Janine Hoffmann